Trusted Lenders

For many first time home buyers, shopping for a mortgage lender or broker is probably not even on your radar. But just as it’s important to find the right home, it is also important to work with the right lender. Why so? When you buy a home, you’re in it for the long haul – 15 to 30 years of mortgage payments. If you pick the wrong lender and the wrong type of mortgage loan program, chances are, you could overpay for your home loan or be in financial trouble.

Finding the right mortgage lender to work with is not just about finding the one who offers the lowest mortgage rates. You’ll have to do some homework by comparing rates, doing research, asking some questions and holding interviews before choosing who to work with.

Getting Pre-ApprovedThe first step toward securing your loan is getting pre-approved. This involves a pre-qualification process, where a loan officer assesses the homebuyer’s financial situation and determines what they qualify for, and is followed by the homebuyer submitting a completed loan application to the lender for approval.

Below are Loan Officers (Lenders) whom I have worked with, that I trust and would highly recommend:

Traci Lopez
SWBC Mortgage
Phone: (912) 977-5222
NMLS #: 198401
GA License #: 26085

Tim Spears
Veterans United Home Loans
Phone: (912) 484-5787

Kelley Sullivan
BankSouth Mortgage
Phone: (912) 844-2593
NMLS # 213216
GA Lic. #: 32997

Eric Glick
Starkey Mortgage
Phone: (912) 308-5931
NMLSR: 544398